Learn How to Draw Cartoon Characters

Create Your Very Own Unique Character(s!)
with this In-Depth, Fun and Easy Method!

When it comes to learning how to draw cartoon characters, it can be difficult to find a way to do so where the instructions are presented in a way that is simple to understand - while at the same time...

Tons of fun! :-)

Truly, when the learning process is made clear enough - every step explained to a tee - accompanied with that "spark of excitement" - it opens many doors.

You can can create awesome characters for...

  • A Brand New Cartoon Series to be Aired on TV!

  • A Full-Out Comic Book or a Simple-Celled Comic Strip

  • Making Unique Images for Cards, T-Shirts, Mugs, Mouse pads... etc.

  • Designing a New Mascot for Your Business, Sports Team or Website

  • Creating Your Very Own Video Games

  • ...or even just for fun!

Whichever it is, if you're going to brainstorm, develop - and ultimately create your own unique cartoon characters... it's very important that the process be enjoyable, making it easier for you to learn and implement, with each passing step.

This - is a MUST!

Helping You Learn and Improve at Drawing is My Passion!

On December 1st, 2007 - I began a website with the sole purpose of helping as many people as possible (you!), learn and improve at drawing. The site is called DrawCartoonsOnline.com, and it offers free, simple, step by step cartoon drawing lessons - a new one popping up pretty much every single day.

How to Draw Cartoons Online

Today, the site has received well over 2.5 million visitors and is currently seeing anywhere between 12,000 and 16,000 visitors a day. The more people that use and benefit from the lessons I create - the more excited I get about continuing to grow the site, adding more and more categories and lessons.

The best way to describe this? It's AMAZING!

Of course, I'm always seeking out new and exciting ways to further this passion for creating, and helping others learn and improve at their craft.

And with the launch of this new website - HowtoDrawCartoonCharacters.com... I am finally able to further this cause, and take the "learning how to draw process" - to an entirely new level altogether!

A New Approach to Learning How to Draw

At DrawCartoonsOnline.com, I enjoy creating simple cartoon drawing lessons, based on a variety of different themes (animals, people, monsters, dragons, etc.) - and offered under three different difficulty levels - Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.

Each lesson is broken down into a succession of easy-to-follow steps, and is presented in a manner that is quite simple to replicate... while still leaving tons of room for you to tap into your own imagination and creativity. Again, it's these factors that make the learning how to draw process easier and more enjoyable for everyone.

Here at HowtoDrawCartoonCharacters.com, I will be taking a somewhat similar approach. But instead of learning how to draw single subjects, in one pose, with one expression, on single web pages - like so...

How to Draw Dogs

...you'll learn how to develop multi-dimensional cartoon characters, in different actions and poses, with varying expressions, offered over many pages...


in the form of a digital ebook format that you can download and use on your computer screen (hard copy books are being considered too!).

In this book (initially focusing on one type of character) - followed by an assortment of additional recourses - let's call them "character studies" - you'll be able to...

  • Zero in on the subject at hand, be it an angel, a monkey or a dragon!

  • Evolve your character based on a realistic depiction of the subject

  • Pace your learning and drawing in a clear and easy-to-understand manner - from "very easy in the beginning"... to "gradual complexity with each passing step and/or chapter"

  • Better understand the process of "making it look 3D"

  • Anthropomorphize (is that even a word!?) something that would normally be seen to "walk on all fours"... like Bugs Bunny!

  • Come up with a unique head and body for your character

  • Draw your character as it would look when viewed from various angles

  • Give your character a "sense of emotion"

  • Depict your character in different actions, and different poses

  • Give your character a sense of "attitude" - sunglasses anyone? :-)

  • Brainstorm a unique name and 'quick back story' for your character

  • and of course...

  • "Completely let go" and imprint on your character a unique style of your own!

In short, these character studies will be all about showing you how to go from a realistic representation of the subject - to a full blown cartoon character - like so...


Of course - just the same as Bugs Bunny is unique is his own way (as determined by his creators - Tex Avery and Robert McKimson)... yours will be unique in your own way as well.

And most importantly (again!)... all the above - every single point, for whichever subject it is we're focusing on (person, animal, monster, dragon, etc.)... will be presented in a manner that is both very fun and very easy.


This is Going to Be Awesome! Here's How it Will Work...

So yes - with the studies offered here on this site, you'll be able to create brand new characters, in way that's highly-detailed, tons of fun --- and perhaps most importantly... EASY! :-)

It's my goal, that given this "new type of lesson"... you'll be able to take what you learn, and apply it to your own goals, perhaps similar to some of the things mentioned up top. New TV show? Comic book or strip? A mascot for your business? Flash-based video games!!

Whichever it is, you'll have the ingredients to make it all happen.

Purple Orb

At the top of this page (and at the bottom too!) -- you'll notice an assortment of... well... orbs!?

They kind of look like balloons actually - but all in all, these colorful objects, adorned with question and exclamation marks, and *for the time being* imbedded into the design of the site - will become the character studies that will eventually be found here.

As each new character is completed and released (over and above the initial ones that come with the main book), you'll notice that one of these orbs will have "popped!" :-)

And in it's place? You guessed it!... the brand new character that awaits to be drawn.

Also, as each new character is completed - Alien? Butterfly? Ninja!! - it will be visible at the top left area of the page where it says "New!" - and will also be seen in the "Character List" in the lower left column.

All in all - I think this will be a really fun way to introduce each additional character. It instills a sense of 'wonder and mystery' behind each one, and also begs the question...

"I wonder what's next!?"

Find Out Instantly - When the First
Character Study "Goes Live" on the Site!

The book itself, along with the first few character studies (yes - it's a surprise!)... is planned to be released later this year. Really, it's a work in progress and I want to ensure you get the most out of it.

So yes - I'm taking the necessary time to make it the very best it can be! :-)

By signing up for my "How to Draw Cartoon Characters Update!" mailing list - you'll be notified immediately when the book is finished and up on the site. And yes, I'll send you a quick & short notice whenever additional character studies become available as well.

Here's the form to sign up...

Well, it's time to head back to the 'drawing board' for me...

But before I do, I'd just like to thank you very much for visiting my new site. It's been quite the journey looking back. It's going to be pretty amazing - seeing it all unfold - with the initial book and many additional cartoon character studies very soon to come. :-)

Jeff Signature

Happy Drawing!

Jeff Scarterfield

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Currently, I'm working very hard to complete this book, including the first few character studies. Things are coming along nicely!

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Once the site is launched - and as it progresses - I'll conduct polls to stay focused on the things YOU want to draw the most!

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